For Investors

The Trident platform generates revenue from customer transactions.

Trident for Investors. Generating a profit on the Trident platform for the company and dividing its profit among its investors according to percentage ownership
  • commission for withdrawing funds from the trading platform (fixed payment and percentage of the amount)
  • profit from the sale of options
  • growth in the value of the company's token (TRID) on the exchange with an increase in the volume of operations on the site.
  • payment for additional services (notifications, ratings, advertising)

By buying a TridentGuard Token, you automatically become a co-owner of the project.

Investors receive dividends from platform profits in proportion to the amount of ownership of TridentGuard Tokens  (if an investor owns 10% of all Tokens, he receives 10% of the platform’s profit). 

Investors receive profit in ethereum cryptocurrency in the account address where Trident tokens are located. 

The quantity of profit depends on size of the investment and time invested. The addresses and the quantity of ownership is available on the ethereum network browser. At the same time who exactly owns the token is confidential information.

An investor can always sell or buy Trident tokens on an exchange or Trident platform. 

The Trident platform generates revenue from customer transactions.
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