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Cryptocurrency wallet on the Trident platform allows users to securely store cryptocurrency and also instantly exchange cryptocurrency. Trident platform also allows you to Create offers for an exchange of any assets (cryptocurrency, fiat currency, any other assets), and accept exchange offers of interest.

All transactions are between users of the Trident platform, the platform only provides tools for safe and fast exchange.

Trident does not participate in transactions and does not charge any interest on transactions.

All transactions are secured, to minimize risks.

By constructing automated conversions, you can make your money work for you!

The product was designed as a standalone application that can meet all the needs of the average user for cryptocurrency transactions.

The sidebar on the left contains the main platform controls:

Trident Platform

The goal of the project is to trade without any restrictions between people from all countries of the world, therefore at the time of the product launch it will support multiple languages and more than 40 languages in the future

The Trident platform is supported by all types of devices, there are no restrictions on its use.

You can work on the platform via the WEB-application, the AppStore and GooglePlay applications, as well as integrate it into the ecosystem of your services.

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Binary options.

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Two types of cryptocurrency wallets

The user has an opportunity to open 2 types of wallets:

The first type is a trading wallet. It is designed for all operations on the platform, as well as for receiving and transferring funds.

In essence a trading wallet is an account where funds are held with instant access and execution. All transactions are free this includes, operations and fund transfers within the network, payments on the exchange, currency exchange and  purchase of options. TrtidentGuard platform is the guarantor for the execution of transactions and settlements, therefore all transactions are carried out only if there are sufficient funds in users accounts.

Transactions are completely anonymous when using a merchant wallet.

When withdrawing funds from a trading account, during  exchange and sell operations a company crypto addresses  is used which is not connected to the user.

The funds are deposited into a trading account till all transactions are finished, then the transaction is erased and cannot be tracked.

The second type is the private wallet. Only the user has access to this wallet, only the user controls all funds in the account, and if necessary, can control this wallet via other applications.

Private wallet is designed to safely keep, receive and transfer your funds. Even if you do not trade on the platform, you can use your private wallet as an ordinary wallet for free, and you always have the opportunity to carry out operations with your funds fast and with a minimum commission.


On the Trident platform, you can exchange funds for any available cryptocurrency at the current rate with a minimum commission. The commission is set by the user of the platform who placed the funds for the exchange. The commission can be negative, which will allow you to exchange funds cheaper than the market. The platform automatically searches for the cheapest offers and displays them. After accepting an offer and transaction is complete, the funds reach your account in seconds and they can be used immediately. 

You can exchange currencies with just a few mouse clicks.

There are no minimum exchange limits, no documents or verifications required, in seconds after the exchange use the funds at your discretion. 

The sharing panel is informative and easy to use. 

Instant cryptocurrency exchange

Trident in detail. Exchange

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Buy and sell on your own terms

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Using the Trident platform, the user can:

  • Choose the terms of the deal from the available offers or propose your own terms
  • Select transaction currency
  • Choose payment method
  • Choose the speed of the transaction
  • Choose the degree of anonymity
  • Make transactions automated (when there is no need to correspond with the other party to the transaction)
  • Look for a deal according to the set parameters
  • Receive notifications about deals and events
  • Select transaction with a guarantee that the will be no delays in meeting obligation

All parties involved in the transaction trade on a platform where one of the currencies is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is an insurance in a transaction of any two assets.

At the time of the transaction, the platform holds the value of the funds in cryptocurrency for the party’s involved. This way the platform acts as a guarantor of the transaction until all involved in the transaction meet their commitments.

The Trident platform does not buy or sell currencies, the platform acts as both an intermediary for finding and connecting the party’s to the transaction’s and a guarantor for meeting commitments by all the parties involved.

In the event that a dispute is opened by the parties, Trident shall be entitled to charge fees for its services from all parties involved in the dispute.

Every user can become a trader

  • Type of deal ( to buy or to sell )
  • Financial or material goods to be traded.
  • Payment methods and currency for payment (there may be several of them)
  • Price (fixed or indexed on the market value of the asset), transaction limits (minimum and maximum transaction value)
  • Additional conditions, requirements for verification of the party to the transaction ( if necessary )
  • Automatic transaction or not, payment details ( if necessary )
  • Timed intervals for making a deal

The trader creates his own offers by using various financial instruments and nonefinancial material goods, for buying or selling.

To create your offer, you just need to fill out a form, indicating the parameters of the transaction based on your personal preferences such as:

Trident p2p trade

Binary options

Options with really big payouts

Trident platform implements the TradeEx-1 framework, which allows the user to buy binary options with really large payouts.

The user can choose the direction of the option and the rate not just up or down, he can also choose one of 10 corridors, or all of them, thereby setting the boundaries of risk for himself.

Now the user does not have to buy the asset itself, it is enough to indicate his expectations regarding the asset and wait for the result.

Trident p2p opt

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